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Sushmitha. M
Sushmitha. M • Mar 31, 2016


Project Abstract / Summary : This project deals with the designing of embedded gages for the DEAF people. We propose a device called ASSISTIVE VIBETUNES which can be used by the deaf people to listen the songs and also make phone calls. This project consists of a Mobile and specially designed MOLAR CLIP, which is fitted in their tooth. When song is played, song will be demodulated according to the person's Brain Mapping. This enhances the hearing sense, they can feel the song played by the ASSISTIVE VIBETUNES. We began with the study of nerves, since nerves act as the link between sensory organs and brain. This made us realize that nerves are complicated that a nerve can have multipurpose. This gave us a hunch that nerves from our medical resources. And our search lead to solution that vibrations caused in the CORELESS motor when placed in teeth lead to reviving of the abandoned sensory organ the Ear. Which will help the hearing impaired to hear sound.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : When I was on my way to the airport my attention was drawn by a deaf person who probably used sign language and informed the attendant that she can't hear. Five minutes later, with a crime expression on her face, a wheelchair rolled out for the deaf traveller. Whether the above incident is amusing or disturbing, one thing remained clear: I had a strong desire to continue advocating on behalf of deaf awareness. From that moment, we a team of four put our heart together in order to channel our energies into building a private practice of to those with a hearing problems and to be in closer contact with the people who needed our gadget.

Project Highlights : While there is a wide range of technical knowledge around the globe for designing a hearing aid, of course most people would find a major disadvantages to wearing a hearing aids, as we presented in our abstract and as a part of our professional development program we invented the Assistive Vibetunes to produce a clear solution beyond all. Practically, economically, potentially, scientifically our Assistive Vibetunes proved to be the best in various scenarios. This device would be a great transformation in the impaired community and contributing an ability of hearing to the deaf, is an inestimable reward for their lifetime!

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College
City: Puducherry
State: Puducherry
Participating Team From: Third Year
Valli vj
Valli vj • Jun 23, 2018

I need the base paper of this paper for my project reference 

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