• shashh


    MemberOct 27, 2008

    Assembling My own PC

    Hello Friends,

    I am Shashidhar, need to assemble my own PC . Please suggest me which are all the good parts i can invest on. I have a list of parts like-

    ---ATX tower (or mid-tower) case
    __ ATX Motherboard
    __ CPU (with heatsink/fan)
    __ RAM
    __ Graphics/video card
    __ Sound card
    __ Hard drive(s)
    __ Speakers
    __ Keyboard
    __ Mouse
    __ Wrist rests for Keyboard/Mouse (optional)
    __ Monitor
    __ CD-ROM or DVD-ROM or CD-RW or CD-RW/DVD-ROM
    __ Surge Protector
    __ Floppy Drive (optional)
    __ Zip Drive (optional)
    __ Network Interface Card (optional)
    __ Modem (optional)
    __ FireWire/i.Link (IEEE 1394) Card (optional)
    __ Printer (optional)
    __ Scanner (optional)
    __ Webcam (optional)

    Which brand is good for all these?

    Suggestions please

    Thanks in advance

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  • sriramchandrk

    MemberOct 29, 2008

    1. Define your requirement (Budget, Use, etc.,)

    If its for Gaming then you have to think for Slot in mother board for Graphics card, a good graphics card, Sound card, memory etc., based on your budget.

    If its for simple surfing you dont have to could plan with a budget of 15 to 20k

    2. Use sites where rates are frequently updated.

    Two such sites i frequently use are
    <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"> Since 1995, Online Since 1997, Genuine Products Only</a>

    Note down the price as you keep selecting
    3. Start with what processor you need based on the power.

    4. Choose the mother board supporting the processor and the features required by you.

    5. Choose memory card

    4. Hard disk

    5. DVD


    7. MONITOR

    9. Mouse/keyboard

    8. CABINET (Usually the price of cabinet is inclusive of SMPS)

    9. Graphics card if you have a slot and want to have it for gaming.

    iterate throught the steps 1-9 until you get required system which fixes into your budget.

    Tips: To select product/manufacturer always go for the one with more years of warranty.

    Once you are done with all spare parts. Use your motherboard book to assemble your pc.

    Thanks & Regards
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  • shashh

    MemberNov 11, 2008

    Thanks Sriram. I will note down the prices of each by using the links which u have provided . I will do detail study & then start working on it .

    Thanks & Regards
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