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xheavenlyx • Mar 23, 2008

Ask your questions to Eliot Phillips and Will O'brien of Hack A Day!

Hack a Day

Hack-a-day is a website for those of you who love to break, make or fix things and see whats inside them. Its not just the companies that make electronic devices, even people can, as a hobby or just to create something. Everyday a new hack, project or a mod is showcased. Like today it is: Make your own Aerogel - Hack a Day

So we are going to interview Eliot Phillips and Will O'brien of Hack-A-Day. If you like to know more visit the website: Hack a Day

If you too like to have your project on their website then visit hackaday and send it to them.

Some more interesting projects:

iPod laser pointer - Hack a Day
$25 head mounted display
Wiimote head tracking desktop VR display - Hack a Day
(You HAVe to watch this video! : YouTube - Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemote)

Don't forget to ask questions on this post.
Re: Small Talk with Eliot Phillips and Will O'brien of Hack A Day!

Great work! I first discovered that site through your blog, xhx 😀 Its what crazy engineering is all about!
xheavenlyx • Mar 24, 2008
Re: Small Talk with Eliot Phillips and Will O'brien of Hack A Day!

Thats great. I think we engineers should look up these websites and visit em for the latest news and projects and techniques.
xheavenlyx • Mar 26, 2008
Re: Small Talk with Eliot Phillips and Will O'brien of Hack A Day!

Dont worry, I shouldn't panic. I have some Q's ready...i think.
xheavenlyx • Mar 27, 2008
cool cool, keep the questions coming...
Can we know more about Eliot Phillips and Will O'brien? Like.. what are their educational background and stuff.

Also, how much dedication is needed to maintain a site like that?

I'll think up more questions. When is the deadline?
gohm • Mar 28, 2008
What was the inspiration "spark" that led them to creating the website?
xheavenlyx • Mar 29, 2008
Here is his online resume (Eliot Phillips):

And here is the podcast Interview with Eliot Phillips: SitesCollide (#30) - Hack-a-Day - Eliot Phillips

Good Q gohm!

xheavenlyx • Apr 5, 2008
Do you work on HAD part time or fulltime. If HAD is part time then whats your day job?

How often do you get emails asking for project ideas or seminar topics or hight school science projects? What used to be your reaction back when you started working for HAD, and what is it now?

Can you tell us something about Toorcon, shmoocon, defcon and other conventions or con-ventions. What exactly do you do there? Who are present? and what can we learn from these conventions?

Do you think being interested in a wide variety of topics which intertwine at many many levels can be stressful. Will it overload our internal logical circuitry? Whats the solution?

Do you consider yourself a nerd/geek? or is it an overused term? Do you mind people calling you one of those names? Was this question annoying?

I am always learning, and love to make stuff. What can you say about supporting this attitude and passion all the way till the end (of life)?

===Both of you can answer the questions, or you can select which ones to answer. Its your choice. Run with the questions and have fun!===
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 5, 2008
Good questions, xHx! 😀

CEans, do take a look at Hack a Day website! You'll love it!
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Apr 5, 2008
Nice! I believe the reason why theres not much response here is because not many of us are exposed to Hack a Day (as opposed to Wikipedia..)

Q. What is the future of HAD? Any plans to develop or change the website beyond it's status as a blog, or do you believe remaining as one is most effective?

Feel free to rephrase the question xhx 😉
xheavenlyx • Apr 7, 2008
Nope, that was very well framed. good one.

I was thinking something on the same lines. Thinking of more...
I just have 1 simple question!!.........why you name it HACK-A-DAY,does it provide hacking resoursces??
xheavenlyx • Apr 11, 2008
Ok this thread is closed now. Biggie, I will send you the questions for a review before I send it out to Will. He will show the Q's to Elliot too. They both can answer questions however they like, they can answer common Q's or choose too.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 11, 2008
That's cool, although we won't accept questions, the thread will remain open for discussions.

Waiting for the questionnaire.

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