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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 16, 2009

Ashish Jaiswal's True Dummy -CE pre-release book review


We are glad to present the pre-release review of Ashish Jaiswal's True Dummy :

The catch line of the book says: "A fable of existence"

And it truly is one! The Author, Ashish Jaiswal, in his debut book, has aptly put into words his perception of the world, its people and answered the questions that appear in our minds, at some or the other point in our life. The cover of the book also says, "There are only two kinds" i.e. the world is divided into two kinds of people, the true ones and the dummy ones. The true ones are ambitious and here to fulfill their extraordinarily big dreams. While the latter ones just to fill in the world and make it appear complete and whole. The author has intertwined the situation of minds of today's enthusiastic youth with an imaginary & magical story. The one-liners that appear throughout the book are inspiring and thought-provoking. For instance the lines: "Fortunate are those who are trusted more by others than by themselves. Blessed are those who trust others more than they trust themselves" or "Never spend your entire life under the same tree."

In short, the protagonist in the story has big dreams for which he leaves his small village and parents on the advice of an old women in a mela who urges him to be a true pearl. And as the story proceeds, he understands the varied aspects of life and meets different people, finds answers to the intriguing questions in his minds and finally realizes his sole purpose of existence in this world.

CrazyEngineers recommends the book to all CEans!

About Ashish -


Ashish is currently reading for his DPhil (PhD) in Business Education from New College, University of Oxford researching on curricular and pedagogical innovation in business schools. He lives in Oxford, UK with his wife Pooja and daughter Navya Sara.True Dummy is Ashish’s debut in the world of storytelling.

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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 16, 2009
Re: Ashish Jaiswal's True Dummy - Pre-release book review


I am glad to inform you that Ashish will be available on CE to answer your queries & participate in discussions on CE 😀 !

Here's some praise for the book-

‘…a fascinating piece of literature which carries a very powerful message for the youth of this world to follow values and objectives that transcend a mechanical existence.’

- “Dr. R. K. Pachauri”, Chairman IPCC – co-recipient Nobel Peace Prize, 2007

‘The book is a great read; especially for youngsters who are starting out on the path to achievement. Using simple words and fables, the author encourages people to follow their dreams. And that’s the only gameplan for achievement.’

- Avnish Bajaj, Co-founder & Managing Director, & Matrix Partners, India

‘It is a fable with imageries. Deserves to be read again and again to absorb the full impact of this fascinating book full of brilliant quotes. While the author claims that nothing new is being said, everything said here is profound but in simple language. There are stories within stories appealing to readers of all ages.

- Mr. D.R.Kaarthikeyan, Former Director General, National Human Rights Commission; Former Head, Central Bureau of Investigation, India


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