21 Dec 2018

As a civil engineer what to know very well to get placement?

I am a civil engineering student. And I am doing btech course from a private university. So it's hard to get placement. I want a job after btech. 

Jenny Taylor

Jenny Taylor

22 Dec 2018

Hope you will get job after your B.Tech. All the Best.

25 Dec 2018

Thank you 

25 Dec 2018

Juhi - expecting a placement only on the basis of Civil engineering degree is bit unrealistic - given that you are from a private University. 

Look at enhancing your skills-set, acquiring knowledge of the latest tools, technologies, software used by Civil engineers. I'm hearing all good things about BIM; so do look at possibilities in that domain as well. 

I hope this helps a bit. If you have more questions, post them below. 

26 Dec 2018

Thank you Sir 

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