Articulated vehicles- a brief introduction and a urgent need in road rule regulation

An articulated vehicle is vehicle which can be simply described as the vehicle with a trailer joint with a pivot.In India the road rule regulations had been created and it states that A articulated vehicle in India should be less than 18m in length and If it exceed for special purpose It should be reported to the Transport corporation and they should get prior permission to operate the truck in city and highways but these rules were not followed widely in India as the carrier companies make hefty profit out of it.In today's hindu front page There was a news on a bus being hit by Articulated vehicle accident in Karur district where the truck carrying a wind mill blade and this mishap leads to death of 5 people and 12 injured.Are the road rules really followed in India and post your comments on articulated vehicle's road regulation.

Refer the following link for more details:
Articulated vehicles have a free run on roads - The Hindu


  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    We know it for a fact, that RTO rules are ignored completely in smaller towns and places. Metros have a regular monitoring on major squares and places so they are under control. And there is no way we can be more strict in smaller places. Main reasons: Even the RTO people there are not concerned. People don't really have much of a choice there.

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