Artemis pCell : Reinventing '1000x Faster Than 4G' Wireless Revolution

The modern connected world will never be happy with one thing: the Internet speed. While a lot of work is being done to develop the 5th generation of mobile communication; which provides an upgrade over existing 4G; a group of engineers and scientists have developed a disruptive technology called pCell. pCell is a creation of Artemis group founded in early 2000s which has spent over a decade developing the technology. pCell not only promises 1000x faster than 4G experience but also eliminate cellular towers. Interesting, isn't it?

pCell is a new wireless standard that promises to rewrite the wireless revolution we all are waiting for. The technology developed by Artemis group aims to tackle the most common problems associated with the current generation. Even after several years of work; signal dropping is common. Plus in crowded areas, the towers can't do justice to the demands of all the users requesting data from each one of them. In layman's language - you may imagine each of the mobile towers as umbrella tops. Each must keep some distance from each other so that their signals don't interfere with each other. This approach creates gaps where the mobile connectivity drops. Plus, the mobile towers need to be backed by a strong fiber infrastructure which is costly and difficult to setup.

pWave Base Station​

The pCell technology takes a radically different approach towards solving this problem. Rather than having to space out the towers at a safe distance from each other to avoid interference, large number of base stations for the pCell technology, called 'pWave' can be placed conveniently so that they can 'see each other'. pCell builds upon the collision of the radio signals and combines the signals from each of the nearby pWave to create a personal cell for each of the requesting user. This means, the users will never have weak signals - and having all the 4-5 bars of signal strength would become a norm.

Artemis group says that the pWave radios would consume a fraction of power (~1 mW) as compared to traditional cellular towers (~ 250 mW). On the user end, existing 4G phones would need a lot less power and there might soon be pCell Native devices that'd bring the power requirements drastically down. The biggest advantage of the pCell technology is that you need not replace your existing 4G LTE hardware to hook into pCell network. The engineering team has designed the network in such a way that you can quickly connect your 4G phone or tablet and experience congestion-free network.


Artemis founder and CEO, Steve perlman recently demonstrated the technology at Columbia University by transmitting HD video to about 8 iPhones simultaneously without any 'buffering'. Here's the hour long video of unveiling of pCell technology by Steve Perlman and demonstration. Check it out -

Perlman is confident that they're targeting consumer launch in the Q4 of 2014. San Francisco will witness deployment of about 350 of pWave base stations on various rooftops which would cover the entire city. Artemis team believe that they'll be able to launch the new technology in all major markets worldwide by end of 2015. That does look quite ambitious to us; but we definitely want to try this out!

Source: Here's The Technology That's Going To Make Your Phone's Internet 1,000 Times Faster Than 4G | Business Insider India | #-Link-Snipped-# | Artemis | What is pCell?


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