• Harshad


    MemberJul 31, 2013

    ARM Google+ Hangout


    Here is some more information from ARM Google+ page so you have some idea about the Hangout.

    In the new ebook, 'Shared Purpose: A Thousand Business Ecosystems, a Worldwide Connected Community, and the Future' (#-Link-Snipped-#), Professor James F. Moore details lessons learned from his comprehensive study of ARM’s collaborative, connected community, and provides blueprints for how other companies and industries could benefit from a similar ‘Collaborative Business Ecosystem’ approach.

    Tune in live on Thursday, Aug 1st at 11am ET (4pm UK, 10am CT, 8am PT) to listen to Professor Moore, ARM CEO Simon Segars, and Freescale Senior VP of the MCU division, Geoff Lees, discuss how over the “past few years a loosely organized community of more than a thousand companies has overturned the tech industry.”

    I am going to join this Hangout any other CEans going to join?
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