ArienKrieg 12 at Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore on Jan 5, 2012

ArienKrieg 12 is a Technical Fest organized by Kumarguru College of Technology, Coimbatore.

The yearly edition of National Level Technical Symposium entitled "AriendKrieg" is organized by the department of Aeronautical Engineering.

AriendKrieg is a battle of wisdom, it is a ground of getting an exposure to the multidisciplinary fields of Aeronautical Engineering. This motlley mix comprises (the competitions) and affords the contestants a capital opportunity to make a lasting impression. It discloses the student's competitiveness, reasoning ability, and aptitude for expressing his dexterity. It is a venture for the students to develop the capabilities to compete globally , and stressing on the technical expertise in fields like Aerodynamics, Avionics, Fluid Mechanics, Gas Dynamics, Propulsion, Space Mechanics, Structures and Thermodynamics and several other unexplored fields under one roof this helping everyone for their technical research. This knowledge fest cultivates a new school of thought by unfolding the cascade of opportunities ad unshared information. It is fete with an academic twist that essays to bring to the fore a unique admixture of knowledge, ideas, and learning but tempered with an edge of play.

  • Paper Presentation
  • Lunar trek
  • Hover
  • Float
  • Solutions Simplified
  • Water Rocketry
  • Glider Contest
  • Boomerang
  • Mr. Holmes
  • Knowledge Buzz
For more details, queries and registration; visit their website:


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