@akhilrstg • 18 Feb, 2011
what r the various fields/areas of interest in electrical and electronics engineering
@narayana murthy • 18 Feb, 2011 Re: areas of interest

what do you mean???
do you mean in jobs wise or project wise
@akhilrstg • 18 Feb, 2011 Re: areas of interest

i mean job wise
@narayana murthy • 18 Feb, 2011 Re: areas of interest

then you have choices of government jobs
if your indian here the choices like IES,BHEL etc...................,
if not i dont know
@akhilrstg • 18 Feb, 2011 Re: areas of interest

i mean job profiles..like one is production,T&D,etc
@d_vipul • 21 Feb, 2011 Hey Akhil,

Right now their are two field developing at rapid speed they are transmission and protection............

If you are interested in that you can join those fields and even you can do research on it........

Their are many companies like ABB, Areva SIEMENS which provides you research facilities in these fields........

Or you can do one course in SCADA and can join any transmission and distribution based company at higher salaries.............

Hope this might satisfy you......

@akhilrstg • 23 Feb, 2011 thnx a lot vipul..
@d_vipul • 23 Feb, 2011 no need to say thanks..........@akhil..........
@aicbal • 24 Mar, 2011 I 'll sugest to prepare yourself for the examination conducted by Public Service Commission. I think every state of India do have PSC by which recruitment to the Govt. job as Asstt. Engineer like PWD, Irrigation Waterways, PHE etc. Alternatively look for exams by Municipal Corporations. Now a days Govt is giving moderate pay to the employees. Now the question is how to crack PSC?

My personal suggestion to go through following subjects with priority:-

1. Control System
2. Electrical Measurement
3. Power System
4. Field Theory
5. Electrical Machines
6. Mathematics (yes)
7. Analog /Digital Electronics

and the rests with lesser priority. I think this could help.

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