Are you Focussing on Problems or on Solutions??

As we being engineers come across many problems in our daily life.So what you do at that time ??
2.Focus on Problem
3.Focus on Solutions

How suddenly I got this question is few time back ,I came to know about an instance .

When NASA began the launch of astranuats into space they found out that the pens wouldn't work at zero gravity (ink won't flow down to the
writing surface). To solve this problem, it took them one decade and $12 million.
They developed a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down, underwater, in practically any surface including crystal and in a temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees C.
And what did the Russians do...??
They used a pencil .

Well I focus on Solutions.

Share such smart instances of yours in life with us. Reply is must for every view.Please ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    I focus on the solution as well, but not until I've understood the problem. Most of the times, I have realized, we do not understand the problem.
  • shalini_goel14
    Well mine was about a year back, When one of my colleague was asked to make changes in our whole project's application such that on click of Clear button ,all system generated validation messages on the screen should be removed.Well everyone in our team thought ,it will require lot of time to make changes in more than 100 screens.I was free I thought of helping my colleague and made one line simple change in the common javascript. It worked like magic.It was not a strange thing for me, but people in my team liked that.

    So always focus on Solutions rather than making problem bigger and bigger. Please share your such instances of life also ๐Ÿ˜€
  • sauravgoswami
    well focussing on problem and blaming someone else is wat i really relish,but after all i cant keep the problem as it is,so i have to focus on solutions,as for no such reallt great incidents!!!!
  • shalini_goel14
    Hey Big_K & saurav_goswami !!

    You haven't shared any such instance of yours in life. You people are simply saying ,focus on solutions .I know there might me lot of such instances but atleast share any one here also.Please ๐Ÿ˜€
  • sauravgoswami
    well there are many as such let me describe you one,i was on a official tour too a cleints place,he was facing a weird problem,the instruments he was operating was not showing desire results,it was well claibrated and after initial check up everything was ok,the instrument was voltage sensitive,fickle change in voltage and its reading got awry,i was in a fix, i contacted my seniors they were also not able to figure out....then suddenly i noticed the power cord,he had changed the power cord which was old and had develop cracks i examined it and its internal connection were loose,so we managed a new power cord and it was all done!!!! it was like 24hrs in a pressure-cooker,the cleint wudnt have left keeping the problem as it is,as his consighment worth more than 500 millions was on hold!!
  • shalini_goel14
    Thanks saurav_goswami for reply. Others can also share ๐Ÿ˜€ .
  • durga ch
    durga ch

    i basically get problems as my work. system analyst... so.. i need to understand the system( in my case an IT system for network management) and then analysis the problem ..see a route cause and simultaneously give a solution.

    sometimes this has to be done in as much as less than 1 hr...

    so for me solution is important as production is at halt.. and then once thngs fine i can analyse the route cause
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    I believe, whether you focus on the problem or solution entirely depends on your objectives and the type of issues you encounter. The NASA story shows two different philosophies. The US believes in high tech while Russians believed in common sense. Both have their advantages; the high tech knowledge can be an investment in the future and other fields outside of space.. while common sense can get things done quickly with minimal resources.

    As biggie said, sometimes we do not understand the problem well. We all desire a simple and effective solution, but it is dangerous to neglect the initial problem too.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    I always wanted to work on a MEGA project. So in 2005 I was searching for a place where I could interact with engineers who work on large, interesting, innovative projects; but couldn't find any.

    I knew there was a problem - there was either no such place, or even if there was, it wasn not popular.

    I understood the problem. Did an hour of research. Then focused on the solution and CE was born

    That's my story.
  • sauravgoswami
    cool!!! and you are meeting your objective as well!!!! hope shalini got some good examples out here!!

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