Manish Goyal
Manish Goyal
Computer Science
27 Aug 2018

Are CIQT and DMIT tests helpful?

Recently one of my friend took a franchise named brainchecker and he told me they help students identify their interests and recommend a best career option for him through some IQ tests and finger prints etc

When he himself took that test they recommend him profession Accountant while he is an engineer but engineering was not meant for him and he has done variety of jobs since last 6 years other than job related to his qualification 

I would like to know are they really helpful? is there anyone here who took this test before

28 Aug 2018

I've not taken the tests, therefore I can't comment on how useful or accurate they are. However, I personally do not believe that they can actually suggest a good career path for any individual. 

I am willing to be proven wrong because such tests, if effective would definitely help people find good careers. What does your friend say about these tests? 

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