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Pilix1992 • Jul 25, 2016

Arch Trusses?

hello crazy engineer!! cn u guys guide me to do this..i just finish my last sem exam and get this got no experience at all in this field TT...this is just to crazy for me...
im supposed to check if this truss is safe...ive attached its picture..

width of arc = 129'
rise=7'(for now)
supporting column height = 9m
top chord = 5" black pipe , btm chord = 5" black pipe (grade A)
member inside = 2" black pipe (grade B)
support = pin-pin (my assumption)

loading > roof material+purlin ( 2kn/m2)
> wind loading = nil (no idea)

i am really gratefull if u guys cn help me on this...>.<
Pilix1992 • Jul 26, 2016
this is the full picture of the structure
Is there any soft ware available with you or you are expected to do it manually?
Pilix1992 • Jul 26, 2016
hmm im nt provided with i tried to download some such as
(10 day left trial)staadpro...and sap2000 17 (cracked bt i need to change date on my pc 1st b4 i cn use it)

i also tried to do it i just dnt knw how to do this..
Hmm...... then its a bit tidious
Preliminary you can start of for gravity loads.
calculate UDL and moments assuming one side pinned other side roller
calculate forces by method of joints
wind loads you need to refer corresponding code
Pilix1992 • Jul 26, 2016
what do you mean by gravity load?weight from roof material+purlin+arch selfweight?
Pilix1992 • Jul 26, 2016
sorry for the incovenience T.T

actually i am also confused by the shape of the curved member...if im using the method of joints am i going to used the curved one or assume it is straight?
For the given joint I think you can assume it to be straight. Discuss it with the one whom you need to submit. Each one has their own way of thinking.
By the way which company and where are you working out this for?
I believe instead of discussing it here, better do it with your senior face to face.
Just getting an idea here is more than enough.....what say?
Pilix1992 • Jul 26, 2016
what I can say that this is the 1st analysis of this company...handed to 1st timer....has no seniors at workplace...ive jump from one forum to another seeking for hlp ^^....ok i proceed with the loading and method and joint 1st...thx
Then you are probably the new businessman and owner of the company.......
Where is this happening?
Pilix1992 • Jul 26, 2016
u are teasing me ri8?=-= im from malaysia.. jz a one bad employee...
No my dear friend dont loose faith.
I was just joking.
Anyways please let me know if you need any more help.....
Pilix1992 • Jul 26, 2016
👍 ok thx...Ill try my best
Will this help?
Pilix1992 • Jul 27, 2016
Will this help?
I already read that before, still cnt do it...>.< btw thx....
Stanley Shum
Stanley Shum • Aug 15, 2016
is it a trussed arch or a space trussed arch. the arch will create a horizontal force at each end of the support. therefore u need to provide a horizontal tie at the supports. u u don't want to provide horizontal ties, then the posts have to be designed at cantilever beam column with the horizontal forces transfer to the foundation by means of a transfer footing or piles.

for design purpose, sap2000 will be the job.
for a trussed arch, watch the following clip,
for a space trussed arch, watch the following clip,

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