ARC 11 at Anil Neerukonda Institute of Technology and Sciences, Vishakhapatnam on Dec 23, 2011

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ANITS organizing ARC - A State Level Technical Symposium for the 5th executive year. The vibrant and energetic title- ARC, signifies the sparkling efforts of the participants. It provides the ideal platform for all the students to analyze themselves technically and present their skills. Its tagline "Make your mark" represents that the participants from different colleges who participate in this leave their mark of specialty in the fest.

Events include:

Paper Presentation
On topics like- Energy Management, Power Quality, Advance Control Systems etc.

Model Presentation
Students need to bring their pre-prepared working model and explain its operation.

Poster Presentation
Poster making on recent advances in Power Electronics and Electrical Drives etc.

Energy Conversion
Aim is to convert one form of energy into another form.

It ill have questions from Electronics and Electrical Engineering subjects.

Real time challenges

A practical model to be prepared with material supplied on the spot.

Rover Space
Design a rover which should be able to take power supply from track with two metal strips running on the track for some part and from a overhead line for some part and run to reach the finish line on the arena.

Trouble Shooting
Faulty circuit will be given and participants are needed to find the fault and reconnect the circuit and show it as a working one.


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