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    Apti Problem from MBA


    Q.1)A mixture is composed of 8 parts of whisky and 3 parts of water.After adding 28 liters of water,if the mixture contains whisky one half as much as water,then how many liters of whisky does it contain?


    Q.2)When a discount of 10% is given on an item being sold at a profit of 20% on the cost price,the sales volume trebles.What is ratio of new profit to original profit?


    Q3)A manufacturer of patent medicines gives one dozen extra bottles of the medicine for every order of 12 dozens.A discount of 25% is also offered to the trader on the marked price.If a bottle is marked Rs. 113,find the lowest price at which a bottle can be sold without any loss.
    (approx price)


    Q4)An astronomical clock has it's dial divided into 24 divisions instead of 12,and the small hand goes round in 24 hrs.,the large hand going round once every hour.The 24 th hour is noon.Find when the hands are at right angles between 24 and 1.

    Hint:Required time T=4 / 23 X ( H X 30 + A)mins past H
    and 4 / 23 X ( 360 + H X 30 - A)mins past H
    Here H=0, because initial position of hour hand is at 24.
    Also A degree > H X 30 since A=90 degree.

    Ans.-15 X (15 / 23) mins past 24 and 46 X (22 / 23)mins past 24

    Q.5)A man goes out in between 5 P.M. and 6 P.M.When he comes back in between 6 P.M. and 7 P.M.,he observe that the two hands of a clock have interchanged their position.Find when the man did go out.

    Hint:Let the man goes out x mins past H,we use
    x=(720 + 780 X H) / 143 mins past H
    Here H=5 P.M. so x=(720 + 780 X 5) / 143 mins past 5

    Ans.-32 X (4 / 13)mins past 5

    Q.6)What is the nominal rate percent per annum , when interest is payable half yearly that would give an effective rate of 8 % per annum. Ans -7.8%


    I hav doubt about underlined portions. in the above Q.s, I can not understand the hints. of Q.s 4 and 5. In my way I do not meet the Ans.s of these Q.s. I shall be happy if someone post resposes against these Q.s.
    This isb my 1st post here.

    Thanking U

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  • crook

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    Work from the options! For such questions, the best way to get the answer is by the method of elimination of wrong answers.
    Are you sure? This action cannot be undone.
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