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Approapriate title for my job


I have been working on a Sponsored Research Project during the final year of my M.Tech. The responsibilities were same as that of a Project Assistant. However, I was not working officially, I was working out of interest along with my thesis. I was also not paid for the job (actually, at that time, the experience that I was getting by working in this project was more important to me than the compensation, so I did not demand any money in lieu of my work).

Now I am about to leave my college within few days and need an experience certificate for the same. Could you help me the position that I can write in my experience letter?

I was asked not to write Project Assistant since it was an official post in my Institution and as I have already mentioned, I was working out of interest and not officially. Can you name any other 'position name' that I can have on my experience certificate.
[Prototype] • Nov 21, 2016
May be Research Assistant or just Associate?
May be Research Assistant or just Associate?
is there any job title as "graduate assistant"? Is there a position lower than associate but equal to my job description.....Actually, associate is the position that I am having right now since I am getting paid now; the job position that I have talked about was 2 months back
Research Apprentice
Research Grad Assistant
Shashank Moghe
Shashank Moghe • Nov 21, 2016
Graduate Research Assistant - this is a title many graduate (Masters & PhD) students are given when they are working on research projects in college (especially in the USA, I am not sure of other parts) under the guidance of their advisor. They usually get paid with a stipend though.

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