APPLE: To Over Take EXXON As Most Valuable Company!

Apple Inc. the company behind macs, iphone, ipads, ipods may soon over take EXXON as the most valuable company in the world. Apple is already the most valuable technology company in the world. It 'stole' the crown from Microsoft last year and continues to do well. Apple's valuation passed $300 billion and continues to soar.

The #1 spot is currently claimed by EXXON which is at about $410 billion. In recent times, Apple's stocks stagnated while EXXON's continued to rise pushing it to more than $400 billion. In next few months, Apple is expected to debut the new iPad with Retina display - something which's capturing world's attention for long time now. If Apple does that - their share prices are bound to go high and the company may just push EXXON to #1.

At present Apple's market cap is worth more than Microsoft, HP and Dell combined. 😎


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