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Apple To Now Refund For Digital Items Within Two Weeks Of Purchase

Apple Inc. has been recently launching some great products and has also been bringing about some really cool updates. One recent change that Apple has introduced now is that it will refund for any of the digital items that are purchased from the App store, iTunes and even iBooks within two weeks of the purchase. This refund rule however is valid only in the European countries like UK, Germany, France etc.

However, Apple hasn’t done it by its own will. They had to introduce this 14 day return period regulation in order to comply with the updated European Commission rules which were changed in June. Besides making changes to e-commerce policies, the Commission has asked businesses to offer fair returns for goods and service by increasing the previously allotted return period from 7 days to two weeks. The rubrics however are valid if the user has downloaded the media by choice. Which means that it isn’t applicable for the media or apps given as a gift by iTunes. Even though Apple hasn’t made the change public, still it is pretty evident on its German site iFun.


Most people however don’t know that Apple offers a return facility even now. It is albeit only for selected cases with technical problems or other genuine issues. Nonetheless, as per the updated, new terms and conditions by European Commission, Apple will take back the products from the users within 14 days of purchase without any questions asked whatsoever. This means that people can send their products back without giving any reasons for the return.

One other noteworthy change that has been made is that the withdrawal period starts when the goods are received by the user rather than the time of purchase. On the other hand, worldwide, Google Play has only a two-hour window to refund media and apps and it doesn’t seem to have made any changes to its policies in Europe.

Source: CNET

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