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Apple Inc. Ventures Out On Solar Technologies In Apple Products

Question asked by Farjand in #Gadgets on Oct 23, 2011
Farjand · Oct 23, 2011
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Apple is looking to venture out into solar products. Of course not the solar panels that you have on rooftops. Rather it is experimenting if Solar energy energy can be integrated in Apple products. The most popular of them being iPods, iPads and iPhones. With the introduction of solar components Apple is eyeing to make its products more energy efficient and also technologically effective. Hence in near future you may expect to see integrated circuits mounted on Solar panels and Solar illuminated screens of your Laptops.

Image Credit: MacTech

With its first patent, Apple is trying to compete with Intel which has already ventured out in the market with its solar based technology. The Apple Inc. was reportedly researching on prospects of solar power in technological scenario. It talks about a concept called LASER dicing which is touted to increase the energy density as higher density of cell manufacturing can be achieved. The actual process calls for incorporating solar cells and integrated circuits on a separate die. A wafer is thus formed out of these dies. These dies are then mounted on substrates with the help of LASER dicing of wafer segments.


Another patent which Apple inc. had filed for is illuminating screen by an external source. The system basically comprises of a light Harness, Light reflector and a translucent screen to produce the illuminating effect. The light harness used in this system is usually cylindrical or hexahedral. Once light is absorbed through this, it is directed towards the light reflector. This unit projects light onto the translucent screen and the screen is illuminated. The reflector can be adjusted as per the needs.

The two patents may not bring about the same revolution as the end products usually do, however it will definitely increase the selling point of the Apple Gadgets. Unlike other companies, Apple might make a quick integration of these patents in present Apple services looking at the computing giant's reputation. It will be after Apple officially announces the incorporation in a component that we can compare the final features of the technology. Posted in: #Gadgets

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