Apple Inc. is at the top - will it go down now?

Everything that goes up comes down. Do you think this will now apply to Apple? The company has already become the most valuable company in the world with hundreds of billions of dollars as its total worth. Do you think Apple's growth trajectory will continue or it'll be toppled by some other company? Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that in the next 3 years; Microsoft will topple Apple. It's hard to believe; but do you think time has come for Apple to go down and make way for other companies (by force, mostly)?


  • Satya Swaroop Dash
    Satya Swaroop Dash
    No, It will not go down at least not in the next 10 years.

    Apple is a company which does not rely on the success of just one product. For example the products that made Microsoft such a big thing were Windows and Office. So as soon as people found better and often cheap alternatives they switched to them. Apple has got however a bigger list of popular products. It has managed to carve a market for products like the iPhone and iPad, a market where users are unwilling to switch to other alternatives. In the US people have become so attached to the iProducts they do not make switch to Android or Windows Phone but continue to upgrade their smartphones as soon as Apple releases a new one. In recent times we have seen people sticking with their iPhones since Apple has not drastically improved the specs but in due course they will fall back.

    When it comes to Microsoft taking over, I find just one problem. The new ideas (Windows 8.1 & Surface) did not have well thought implementation. Globally PC users are unwilling to spend money for expensive touch screens that form an integral part of Microsoft’s strategy. Microsoft would have thought “Touch is the future” and started building the products but forgot to make sure people liked it. While composing an article I do not need touch. While playing a PC game like Call of Duty touch will a stupid idea and same goes for coding. Sure touch makes good sense in a tablet or a smartphone but PC has to go through some very drastic changes to embrace touch.

    Microsoft sure has the got the money to buy any good company and make it the next big thing but for it to dethrone Apple it has to make its products for the masses like it did with the Office and Windows. Theoretically a cheap Rs. 20000 Surface Pro would be excellent tablet that can beat the hell out of an iPad or Nexus 7.

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