Apple iBeacon Service For iOS 7 Devices Rolled Out Across Apple Stores In US

Apple quietly rolled out its in-store location based, shopping assisting iBeacon service for iOS 7 devices across 254 Apple stores in the US. The service works with the Apple Store app on iOS to notify customers about various offers they can avail for the corresponding Apple product they are standing next to in any Apple Store. For example, if a customer is standing in front of an iPhone display he/she will receive a message on his/her iPhone asking them if they want to upgrade their smartphone. If the customer wishes to do the same the app shall then check the upgrade eligibility of the smartphone and offer an estimate about the trade-in value.


The iBeacon service uses low-power Bluetooth transmitters hidden discreetly below the shelves to communicate with your iDevice. It also needs your permission to track your smartphone once you enter any Apple store. A shopping trip with iBeacon, Apple's secret weapon for navigating stores - The Verge decided to test this service by visiting Apple Stores in the Big Apple and described it as “work in progress”. The technology will not be limited to Apple stores as #-Link-Snipped-# the iBeacon service in tandem with the Shopkick app. Experts predict that the iBeacon technology is iOS 7's iBeacons could solve indoor mapping, make shopping better, and kill NFC - The Verge and could soon find its way to other shops, museums, sport arenas and much more.

Source: Apple's iBeacon location-aware shopping goes live today - The Verge


  • sana592
    802.11ac merges up to 8 distinct wireless channels or streams by bonding them together to create a huge channel that is capable of transmitting up to 1GB data in raw form. That, however, is rarely reached in real life.

    There would be little need to extend 802.11ac to the iPhone given that 802.11n is capable of transmitting 300MB of data in raw form but the iPhone utilises 65MB of that. 802.11n would be overkill.

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