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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Aug 11, 2016

App Ideas Contest Winner Declared & Few Amazing Ideas You Shouldn't Miss

Hello all,

We received 67 different app ideas in the App Ideas Contest conducted between 8th to 10th August 2016. Our team read all ideas and were pleasantly surprised to find that the participants understood the app ecosystem we are launching via CrazyEngineers IO very well.

In this contest, we were looking for ideas that are beneficial to students & professionals to reward and recognise the thoughts of our community's members. These ideas gave us a glimpse of what kind of problems engineers face and what are there proposed solutions.

The winning idea was submitted by - @vishal borana
His idea: Connecting engineering students with working professionals.

He suggested that the app should have free as well as paid tutorials provided by a working professional on industry skills which we cannot learn in training institutes. The app should have exams for the registered ones for the particular tutorial and the selected students should get an internship with the organization or company. In this way, the students can have a experience certificate as well. So later acquiring a job would be easy.
Congratulations, Vishal!
You will receive a Rs. 2000 Amazon Gift Voucher via email.

We also wanted to share some other amazing ideas we received. Take a look:

The biggest problem an engineer faces is finding his syllabus and complete ebook of it and the university papers on a common platform. There is a high need of an app that provides an engineer with a detailed ebook of every subject that he studies in engineering and a set of university question papers right from the 1st semester upto the 8th sem including the in-semester question papers. Even if the app is paid to small amount , this app would be a great success to find everything on a common platform.
- Submitted by Ritesh Deokar.

Crazy Engineers Bit Coin App-
Basically CE used to host quiz and puzzles in the past .These questions are not only required for building aptitude skills but are also required in entrance exams as well. This app will ask questions bases on entrance exam level like GRE, GATE, etc and for correct answer provide bit coins. Those bit coins will be used in order to showcase your skills or retrieve CE goodies like Caps , stickers or consult an expert .
- Submitted by @Amit Kumar Jha

Scholify- App That Helps Win Scholarships
There are many scholarships (SS) globally that engineers can avail.
My app idea aims at increasing the outreach of SS that can help engineers. The app has two main facets. Firstly, it will give all the relevant and updated information regarding the SS to the user, branch-wise. Secondly, user will be given a platform to connect with the previous year SS holders, who are willing to share their experience and help out the aspiring engineers. There's more!
- Submitted by @Shubhi Lohani

To create an app that includes all civil engineering calculations like strength of material, design of structure, structural analysis, geotechnical engineering, transport engineering etc. in one app so that it'll be easy, fast and effective for all civil engineers calculation and work.
- Submitted by @Tennyson shylla

In India, creative ideas are coming up from young engineers. Across various disciplines in the form of research papers are stored in hard copy format at only certain prestigious universities. It is not much easier to access it for budding engineers in enhancing that research with Much more improvisations. My app makes this process simpler. It initially asks the The nature of profession. Once the user has entered the profession, app asks the topic of research and then all the papers are displayed.
- Submitted by S. Dinesh

Application which will be useful for preparation of interviews and teach people basics of every language. Interview test with multiple choice questions would be interesting. Also if people can take interview like on Skype and record and then pass or fail them. it would solve many people's problem of language barriers and confidence.
- Submitted by @kunaljd

An app which can provide student a detailed knowledge of a particular subject with practical videos after every theory topic.
There should also be a system of asking doubts and getting it cleared from the CEans.
Becoz the teachers now a days are not much serious about the lectures in classroom.
There can also be a weekly discussion on a particular topic and new ideas will be appreciated.
- Submitted by Ashlesh Dahake

Foreign language tutorials - Many a times I have faced this communication problem while dealing with my counterparts or clients abroad. Atleast some basic information about other countries language with ENGINEERING TERMS would be great. Current available apps are only general terms with the engineering essence missing.
- Submitted by Sumukh Madgaonkar

My app idea is to develop a virtual industry application which stimulates industrial and manufacturing process which might be deffective and offers the user of the app to suggests solutions to the problem. This will be beneficial to students and working proffessionals in 3rd world or developing countries for example countries like Zimbabwe as they will gain exposure to industrial process
- Submitted by @Lincoln Chaza

The amount of engineering support required in startups has grown. But most of the times not all startups require a full time employee, they would rather prefer a candidate who is ready to work for a specified period of time at the specified salary.
The basic concept behind the app would be to act as an intermediate body which provides engineers/students with sound knowledge to get jobs in startups with the salary of full time employee only for a specific period without a two-year contract.
- Submitted by @Malhar Ujawane


Congratulations to all those who took part in this contest.
We have more contests coming up. Stay tuned!

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Congratulations to all of you 😀 Really nice and unique ideas. 👍👍
Thank you so much. 😁
Great minds great ideas.thumbs up guys.
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Aug 11, 2016
Congratulations @vishal borana !

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