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Alamin Miah
Alamin Miah • Sep 27, 2018

Anyone have any good ideas for a final year project?

I am a third year Computer Science student and looking for a final year project idea. My programming skills are: VB, HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, SQL. I am currently learning C# as part of another module and have touched on XML last year.

I am interested in creating a Web Based project or even something to do with VisualBasic as I'm very confident with it.

I would also be interested in creating an iOS app that allows users to create events and also RSVP to other events quickly. However, I'm not sure what programming languages I would need to know or learn.

I do not mind learning one or two new languages.

Everyone's help is much appreciated. Thank you!

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 28, 2018

Alamin - in order to develop an iOS app, you'll need to learn SWIFT programming language. The official website would be a good starting point:

However, I see that you already have the necessary skill-set to develop a web based project. There are several ideas you could work on. Your idea to develop an events app on iPhone can very well be implemented as a web project. 

The server side could be handled by Java and you could have front-end written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

Start small with following features -

  1. User can create accounts - and they can be approved by administrator
  2. Each authenticated user can create a new event by filling out a simple form and uploading event images or poster
  3. Each new created event needs to be approved by the administrator before it's published
  4. A published event shows cover photo along with event information and relevant dates.
  5. A guest user or authenticated user can 'like' the event and RSVP it. 

This would be the basic feature set and can be easily achieved. You could keep making changes and additions like event categories, event subscribers, search for events through geo-coordinates, maintaining event creator profile etc. 

I hope this gives you a good starting point. If you have more questions, do let us know.

Puneet Mittal
Puneet Mittal • Sep 28, 2018


My suggestion would be to use Java and Angular4 and create a cloud based Web Application leveraging AWS.  It will help you in acquiring market relevant skills.


Puneet Mittal

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