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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 14, 2011

Android Battery Life Problem

I've been hearing and reading about the Android Battery Life Problem for quite some time now. I earlier through battery life for most modern Android devices was influenced largely by the hardware and software had little role to play. However, it turns out that the low battery life exhibited by most of the phones is actually Android software problem.

Google's CEO Larry Page says that if you are not getting a full day on single charge, then you surely have a problem. reported that they noticed many developers and engineers carried battery charging devices along with them at the Google I/O.

I want to hear from Android hackers and developers about the causes of this problem and possible fixes. I'm aware that installing few apps that cut down processes may save power. A general tip is to turn off all the unwanted features (3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and turn them on only when required.

Looking forward to your responses.
You are right... Turning them off makes sense. But, instead of turning them off, if the resources are utilised in a proper and well mannered way, the battery life can be saved. 😀 I have experienced, using the browsers WebKit Mobile and Opera Mobile in the Android phones make a difference in the performance. 😁

While loading a facebook page (desktop one, not the mobile one), WebKit, the built in browser in Android, has a slight performance issue than how it is loaded in Opera Mobile. I guess this way works??? 😐 What say?

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