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Android app for public health care

Question asked by Hiten Bodele in #Gadgets on Feb 28, 2015
Hiten Bodele
Hiten Bodele · Feb 28, 2015
Member of CrazyEngineers
Project Abstract / Summary : Now with the growing population and pressure the life more and faster, people are facing with health problems. As accidents are increasing it is necessary to design a health security system for people. As android phone become part of our life, it is the best option that the system will be deployed on mobile phones. Normally, a healthcare emergency alarm system is deployed on wirelessly linked to a gateway, and then connected to the hospital or emergency centre. A healthcare management system has two main functions. The one is life reminder system. The other is On-Line medical prescription. The life reminder function is useful and helpful for the older people and chronic patients to give a friendly reminder for medicine and so which means the users have to keep two systems at the same time. Apparently it is not convenient at all. According to these disadvantages, deploying the systems on cell phone is undoubtedly a better choice.

As a carrier of healthcare management system and emergency alarm, there are some advantages for android phone. First, the android phone is easy to carry. People can always have android phone with them, so they can click an alarm button or get the treatment services at everywhere and every time when they are in trouble as of health issues. With the help of Global positioning system, we can find their location in terms of longitude and latitude .This location will be sent to their friends and family, and also to nearest hospital. Android is a mobile operating system initially developed by Google. Compared with iOS, Android is an open source system, so we can modify it to full the specific needs by changing or rewriting the source code.Emergency alarm system can be triggered manually when the unexpected event happens, the alarm action will send emergency messages to the user’s family and to nearest hospital. And the emergency message consists of user’s medical history and location information, in order for the rescue stuff to locate the user, all this activity done simultaneously with emergency click. In the prescriptions model, the doctor can go through the patient’s message if new patient has asked for prescription. The patient can choose the doctor either family doctor or specialist for prescription. The doctor goes through the symptoms provided by the patient and provides appropriate prescription through push prescription module .i.e. doctor can also access his medical history. The doctor can also provide tips and give required prescription. The doctor sets the time as in when the user must take medicine and at that time the user will get the notification regarding which medicine must be taken. Instead of going directly to the doctor for the treatment, patient can use prescription model. In that there are two app, one for patient, for sending symptom and which can be receive by doctors app for treatment and he will send the medical prescription with medicine time to patient app.

In existing system, their many disadvantages, like not getting exact location of emergency location , Unable to get nearest hospital and clinic, unable to reach the notification urgently to hospital and clinic, Time consuming etc. so this project overcome the above mentioned drawbacks.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : As growing life standard of humans people does not have time , so instead of going directly to doctor patient can get prescription from doctor for his general health problem, and when user face any trouble or emergency situation like accident, heart-attack then he will get the medical service as early as possible and can contact to nearest hospital. Patient also can get medicine reminder for which time to take which medicine, this facility is useful for old age people.

Project Category : CS / IT / Networking
Institute/College Name: Sanjivani College of Engineering Kopargaon
City: Kopargaon
State: Maharashtra
Participating Team From: Final Year Posted in: #Gadgets

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