an idea about processing polychloroprene?

Hey CEans,

do you have any idea about how we are obtaining polychloroprene sheets for wet suits (or neoprene) after having made the polymer?
I have found a website that describe a little how to do it, #-Link-Snipped-#

They said : "[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular] Neoprene is often referred to as 'rubber' but it is actually a plastic. It begins as a powder called polychloroprene. To this base are added other ingredients that provide elasticity, foaming agents, cell size, colour (usually black), adhesion, bulk, plus other properties. This mixture is made into a dough which is plopped into a heated press. Under pressure and heat the mixture squishes out to make a sheet about 90" by 53"."

but I would like to know a little bit more: not what is added, it's a secret, I understand, but which pressure, temperature, how lob does it take...

It's for a project I have to do in my engineering school. I still have to do a part on a process.

Can you help me?


  • kernel32
    I would like to add: it's not spying, I just want to know what kind of reactions occurs in the heated press: is it a vulcanization? I want to be sure.
    Moreover, I want to be sure it's really an emulsion polymerization that we do in industry.
    Because I'm student it will be fine if I can add the name of somebody and the name of a company that helped me during my rapport, you probably know how teachers or professors like when you give some names, or greatings at the end of a rapport.

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