AMD A-series APUs launched in India

APU, that might be exotic term for some. APU also known as Accelerated Processing Unit is Processor fusion of CPU (Central Processing Unit) & GPU (Graphical Processing Unit).

AMD has announced APU for Indian market two days ago. These new processors will be ranged between 3K to 10K, focusing the consumers who'd like to do something more than just internet surfing, documents/ebooks reading & movie-watching.

APU has stunning fast multi-core processor with discrete graphics all intelligently embedded in one single chip. Is it an alternative to dedicated graphics? Unfortunately, it's too early to answer this question.
Anyways, this processor can be best mate for casual gamers who really don't prefer hardcore full HD gaming, but still wanna try some games they fantasized at very decent rate.

The high-end A-series APU, A10-5800K model has clockspeed of 3.80 GHz with quad-cores (4 cores) each capable of overclocking at 4.20 GHz, alongwith power of ATI Radeon 7660HD graphics.Impressive isn't it ?
For note : My Intel Motherboard came with integrated gfx card which was capable of running COD4 & COD6(all settings minimum),WoW(expansion Cataclysm with some settings minimum while some maximum), Hitman4 (With moderate settings) & many more ... so at what extent ATI 7660HD is capable of ? (food for thought)

Where this latest invention leading us to ? (Not so "latest", AMD been working on it from 2010 end)
Do you think external GFX cards (Dedicated gfx cards) will be obsolete ?
Throw some thoughts, CEans.


  • lal
    That sounds interesting. As you said, a perfect choice for casual gamers and multimedia enthusiasts. Graphics applications intended to edit videos and pictures should perform better too with this, I guess. An 'above average user', I think, would love this on his board.

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