• If you frequently use Amazon to sell products then, here is a piece of good news for you. According to a report in TechCrunch, the e-commerce giant has launched a mobile app for this purpose and it is aptly titled as ‘Amazon Sellers’. The app is specially designed for a business who wants to reach out millions of customers by listing their products on Amazon’s site. However, the app is only available for iPhone users in the US for now and there is no information on when it will roll out on other platforms.

    This kind of app was always called as a missing piece from Amazon. Although, there were third-party applications developers like SellerMobile but merchants had to pay a subscription of $5 per month to a third- party just to use the selling platform in an easier way. ‘Amazon Seller’ offers a wide range of mobile tools that allow sellers to search and scan barcodes of items, list items, check prices, sales ranking and reviews, and communicate with the customers. Users can even ‘scan in’ barcodes with iPhone’s camera. The sellers can interact with customers via a dedicated communication pane. Additionally, this app also allows you to estimate profitability prior to selling an item. And to do this, you need to enter the cost data and Amazon tells you how much you’ll make after your fees have been deducted.


    Listings created through the app are made available on the main website and app users will have direct access to their Amazon Seller account via Amazon's secure servers.Amazon Seller comes in at 5.8MB and is #-Link-Snipped-# from the App Store.

    For many, this app will have been a long time coming. What are your views on this? Share with us in comments.

    Source: Amazon Debuts An Official Mobile App For Amazon Sellers • TechCrunch
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