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@Abhijit Dey • 04 Jun, 2013 • 4 likes
While regular browsing and surfing on the internet, I came upon something fascinating. With an interest in window shopping and preparing a wish list for things I would like to buy later, I linger around online shopping portals frequently. The best part of online shopping portals is that you could right away compare the prices of a single product in various other portals and buy it from the one that offers you the cheapest price. I generally order things from Flipkart and books from Infibeam. I never trusted ebay, in reaction to all the terrible experiences people have had. And sometimes the biggest among these players, Amazon. This online shopping destination has been the most busiest in the world and the driving force of the e-commerce industry. And now they are entering India officially.


While looking up on Amazon, I felt the need that this service needs to be here in India so that people could order things without worrying about the huge shipping prices. So, just to check I entered the domain for Amazon with a .in and voila, I was brought to the Indian portal of Amazon. This was great since now I can see people buying things here without worrying about security and sharing their credit card details since Amazon is a favourite and trusted among users.

Currently, amazon[dot]in only has books and movies and the other products are coming soon. This not only means Amazon's entry into the Indian market with a better strategy, but also means serious competition to other Indian counterparts like Flipkart, Infibeam, etc. Though the Indian ones have captured most of the market here, but still Amazon has a strong brand value. Another delightful thing is they are not charging anything for shipping on any product, and they say it would be for a limited period of time only.

Well, I have already started adding a couple of books to my cart at amazon[dot]in, and I think you should too. As soon as rest of the products are available, I would totally start ordering them right away. Go and have a look
@Kaustubh Katdare • 04 Jun, 2013 Finally! I thought Junglee would be their official name in India; however they chose to launch their own Indian specific domain. Currently I see only the book and TV/Movie titles. I'm more interested in knowing how Amazon fights with Flipkart and other players like Snapdeal on the pricing front.

Flipkart gained popularity by offering stuff at discounted prices - much lower than what you'd find in book shops or with their rivals; but it looks like their model isn't sustainable. Finally, Flipkart had to silently up their prices.

I also suspect that Amazon would look to acquire Flipkart along with all their inventory and staff. It'd be a huge win for Amazon if they manage to acquire Flipkart's courier service as well.

Interesting times ahead, for sure!
@Ankita Katdare • 04 Jun, 2013 I think, in Feb 2012, Amazon Seller Services made its foray into the Indian market with the launch of With the introduction of the marketplace, two new programmes have also been launched – ‘Sell on Amazon’ and ‘Fulfilment by Amazon' – sellers across India now have access to unlimited and free ‘virtual shelf space’ and a scalable, pay-as-you-go fulfilment and customer service offerings.
@Ankita Katdare • 04 Jun, 2013 Hen infographic from Amazon India's website with a lot of interesting data -

@Anil Jain • 04 Jun, 2013 Amazon is THE ONE in e-commerce business @ US. I believe FlipCart is going to face some serious competition now.

@Pensu • 04 Jun, 2013 Awesome! Been waiting for this for long. Not sure if they will be able to replace flipkart or not, but they surely are going to make a dent in Indian e-commerce industry!
@Kaustubh Katdare • 04 Jun, 2013
Awesome! Been waiting for this for long. Not sure if they will be able to replace flipkart or not, but they surely are going to make a dent in Indian e-commerce industry!
I think that's bound to happen. See how they're carefully making an entry - starting with only books and some digital content. Amazon's been in the eCommerce business for long and even tested waters using But still, when they're announcing their own brand as a player in the industry - they've chosen not to go live with a ton of items in the portfolio.

Now there are two things to watch for -

  1. How rapidly they expand their inventory.
  2. How innovative they go with rapid delivery mechanisms - something that their rivals (read Flipkart) have mastered. I'm also interested in knowing how SnapDeal, HomeShop18 and Jabong respond.
@Pensu • 05 Jun, 2013 Yeah, they are pros and they are acting like one. And I agree, one of the things I like most about filpkart is how fast they deliver the goods. Let's hope Amazon comes out with something better!
@Amar Srivastava • 11 Jul, 2013 Amazon is definitely a threat for most of the Indian eCommerce sites. Amazon is a big fish in the market.

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