• Sarathkumar

    MemberOct 9, 2013

    Amazon app - Review

    After the news on the release of Amazon’s android app, I had downloaded it from android app market and here is my review on its usage:

    Starting from its app size, It is bigger than flipkart’s android app and it is about 5Mb when compared to flipkart’s 3.2Mb . The Amazon app welcomes us with a screen requesting us to select the region we belong. Amazon offers more countries viz. India(,America(,spain(,Canada(,china(,Deutschland(,france(,Japan(,UK(,etc.Amazons home page in app looks not great when compared to Flipkart’s home page and it lists the top trending shopped items and best selling in every field. The major attractive thing I like about Amazon app is that provision for barcode reading and good surfing speed through app. We will be able to search by department and the search engine seems to be doing a good job but what amazon lack is versatility and availability of various items. I searched for few items and found most of it in first attempt. So I will give a 4.0 star to amazon and 4.5 for flip kart.Lets wait and see whether other online shopping giants are also following the same steps.share your experience through comment box.
    Download it from official website :#-Link-Snipped-#
    or from play store.
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