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Am from Mumbai (Iindia)

Question asked by ikchhugani in #MBA on Sep 25, 2007
ikchhugani · Sep 25, 2007
Am a Mechanical Engineer 59 yrs, strayed into the field of publishing in 1984... Pioneered the concept of Yellow Pages in India ... Became the first to publish SELPAGES in Mumbai.

Selpages remained at No 1 position in Mumbai, Pune and Calcutta till 1993... thereafter came the Tata Group in this field and we could not fight the competition, lost crores and bowed out of the field finally.

Now involved in combating the corrupt in India, Registered a NGO ... PLEAD ... to combat the corrupt.


View my interview to CNN-IBN regarding my PIL filed in Bombay HC ...


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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Sep 25, 2007
Rank A1 - PRO
Welcome to CE, Mr. Chhugani. We are honored to have you on CrazyEngineers.

Looking forward to your encouragement, support & guidance.


-The Big K-
xero · Sep 26, 2007
Rank C3 - EXPERT
Hello Mr Chuggani... CEans are glad to have such a wonderful person at our home 😀

Looking forward to learn a lot from you.

We would like to know more about PLEAD and what struck you to start an NGO. Coz many amongst us are looking for it 😀

Please do guide us on this, and help us to help people

ikchhugani · Sep 26, 2007
Re: Am from Mumbai (India)

You will have to read all the pages on my site https://www.RoguePolice.com to understand what transformed me from a failed businessman into a activist fighting the corrupt police. To ensure U do not waste time, I will guide U a bit... visit...

https://www.RoguePolice.com/xnarayana.htm and thereafter visit ...


... this is my main objective and leaflets are getting ready, to be distributed, to the citizens in Mumbai.

Remember www.RoguePolice.com www.ikchhugani.com www.plead.in all 3 take you to the same website.

Everyone Please... spell my name right, it is Chhugani (with a double h NOt a gouble g )

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