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@sndgpr26 • 29 Oct, 2012
where do we use AM and where do we use FM ???
@lal • 29 Oct, 2012 • 4 likes We commonly see AM and FM in radio broadcasting. The difference mailny is the quality and range of these modulations.

FM transmission provides a superior sound quality than that of AM, but with a reduced coverage. It is because of the high bandwith it offers. And so most radio music stations use FM to provide good quality sound.

AM on the other hand has much larger coverage when compared to FM, but with a lower sound quality and bandwidth. Hence we dont see any music stations using AM. But information and news channels use it as they dont need a very large bandwidth for the reason that there is no need to offer very high sound quality.
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 29 Oct, 2012 Coverage in the sense the area upto which the transmitted waves travel with out needing any boosters or step up stations
@Vishal1485 • 31 Oct, 2012 another application is in channel broadcasting. AM used in video tansmission and Fm in sound transmission
@Vishal1485 • 01 Nov, 2012
Steven Brooks
Hello Friends,

First of all, AM stands for amplitude modulation and FM stands for frequency modulated. AM is used for video signals where as FM is used for audio signals. AM radio ranges from 535 to 1705kHz and the FM radio band goes from 88 to 108 MHz. Because of video's complex nature, AM lends itself to transmitting several different signals simultaneously, like video, chroma, sync, etc. and it can provide the bandwidth required to do it easily. FM for the audio has a bandwidth of 100 khz, and FM is much better for that. It's also a 'cleaner signal', but the FM transmitter has limitations on how much information it can carry.

Thanks and Regards,
Steven Brooks
sir are you sure about am video broadcasting range. I think it's 535 kHz to 1605 kHz

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