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raviteja.s • Sep 4, 2012

Alternating voltage or alternating current

why we used to call alternating current(a.c) and direct current(d.c) rather than alternating voltage(a.v) and direct voltage(d.v)?
[Prototype] • Sep 4, 2012
Voltage doesn't exactly have any nature. Voltage is just the potential difference between two points. You cannot actually say voltage to be of type alternating or direct, its the current which have alternating or direct nature. Hence, its AC & DC.

Those terminologies are just used for understanding about the conditions you're working with. At least that's my understanding about the topic. I may be wrong.
current:flow of electron or charge in conductor is called current.
voltage:force required to move the electrons is called voltage.
by applying voltage current,there is a difference between voltage and current.
pothedarvamsi • Sep 4, 2012
The question is about alternating current and alternating voltage...right.! OK.
so for small components there is a need to give a little amount of current to work so we use current based words example for system components whereas for big components like transformers we use the voltage based words.

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