alloy wheel

whether an alloy 'll serve better than a spokes wheel?

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  • Keerthivasan Ravisankar
    Keerthivasan Ravisankar
    Digging back the old ones...
    Of-course they are, it can withstand high strength.😐
  • CE Designer
    CE Designer
    What kind of bike
  • Keerthivasan Ravisankar
    Keerthivasan Ravisankar
    Now a days, the spokes are of old model so alloy rims are used....😐
  • vikaskumar11233
    whether an alloy 'll serve better than a spokes wheel?

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    nanda.nazi I think alloy 'll serve better than a spokes that's why every bikes is coming in alloy wheel and I think with look these wheels give more power to bike and tire.

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