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By clicking on "New Posts" one can get recent threads and posts updated. But, I don't know what "Recent" are they ! I mean updated since I saw them last or updated in last 30 mins or so ????

Also, is there any option to see last 'X' days threads and posts. I mean suppose I want to see all the threads discussed in last 3 days, how do I do that ???



  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    New posts are the posts that were generated since your last login. If you are logged out - you get 'new posts' option replaced by 'today' option which generates new posts that were created during last 24 hours. You can see thread/post date by timestamp attached to it.

    We'll have a new feature which will display latest 10-15 posts on the front page on the left side bar - we'll have to wait for the next update though.

    For those who want to keep track of posts could just add following link to their RSS readers :-


    If you want to subscribe to a particular section, click on that section and copy the RSS feed URL from the address bar of your browser - then paste it in your RSS feed reader.


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