• 2014-Porsche Panamera is on the news recently because The legendry sports car maker had planned to introduce Panamera facelift 2014 in the upcoming Frankfurt auto Show. The facelift is expected to impress the car lovers with its all new updated features. According to, the Porsche panamera will be powered by 3.0 litre V6 motor sourced from Audi which gives so much power and torque .The highlight of this new panamera 2014 is its reduced CO2 emissions.The diesel engine produces very low level co2.2014-Porsche-Panamera-facelift
    2014-Porsche-Panamera-facelift-rear The diesel engine produces a massive 296 bhp power which is 49bhp more than the current version.The torque also seems to be increased from 650Nm from 550Nm.The transmission looks smooth and elegant with 8-speed ZF dual clutch automatic transmission .The most important factor to be noticed is that the rear wheel drive car gets “TORQUE VECTORING SYSTEM” which acts like a electronic differential of a car. The all new upgraded facelift of Porsche Panamera had beaten its old 0-100 meter dash test.It has a top speed of 258kph and its towing capacity increased by 100kg.The present towing capacity will be 2600kg.The fuel efficiency is quite good (15.5 km/l.Co2 emission drops to 169g/km.

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