All About Solar Paint

What is the concept of solar paint? and what is the cost per square meter in India?
Is it available commercialy ?


  • Ramani Aswath
    Ramani Aswath
    One application of third generation solar cells that has the possibility of becoming commercially viable relatively soon is solar paint. Tata Steel is working with researchers at Swansea University to produce sheet steel treated with a sensitive coating of solar cells. Third Generation Photovoltaic Cell Cite Note 9 According to Dr. Worsley, the project leader for the Swansea Solar Paint Project, if all the steel cladding produced by one manufacturer was energy generating, it would be the equivalent of 50 wind farms (or 4500 gigawatts/year) at an efficiency rate of 5%
    If Tata's are at it you may expect to see this soon in the market, though not necessarily as a consumer product.

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