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All about robotics

Question asked by derisghafar in #Robotics on May 13, 2008
derisghafar · May 13, 2008
hye guys..
since my next semester i will be participate in robotic competition and i need to do some presentation about this robotics..can somebody explain to me

==overview of the robotics...
==parts of robotics...
==anything related to this topic...
==or any website contains all about robotics...

thanks..appreciate your help... Posted in: #Robotics
gohm · May 16, 2008
Rank A3 - PRO
Don't know a lot about robotics myself, just basic stuff. There are some others with lots of info. A robotics project in one semester starting from the ground level of robotics? Now that is a challenge! Good luck & keep us posted.
raj87verma88 · May 17, 2008
Rank A3 - PRO
There are 2-3 threads dedicated to discussions on Robots. One also contains the link of a blog dedicated to robotics. You may also find links for e books or some notes about robots.

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