Aliens- Exist or not?

Hello people!
We all are pretty familiar with the uncurtained mystry of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and Aliens. Some say they exist, they have all possible evidences to prove it including eye witnesses while some condemn and assume it to be a mere illusion. But all those who believe have quite a similar description of them.
Lets share what we CEans think about the matter!


  • aashima
    No one going for it? I hope its not that bore a topic! Come on CEans, flood in your views whether you believe in the existence of Aliens or not!
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare

    My imagination says that the Aliens do exist. The universe is so vast (infinite) and even if we go by the rule of probability; its quite possible that there exists a galaxy & a planet in it similar to ours.

    But there is no proof. All the claims of UFO were proven false.

    That's all I could comment on the topic.

    -The Big K-
  • Neha
    Same here. Even I think that Aliens do exist.

    Aashima, why don't you introduce poll in this thread.
  • xheavenlyx
    Looking at billions and billions of stars, ofcourse they exist! But UFO's visiting earth, i am not so sure about that. If they had come, then they shud have been here physically. SETI still hasnt got a proper signal.

    Anyway Ive seen them...this is what they look like -> 😁
  • aashima
    Well I do believe that aliens do exist. I very much support idea of their world existing somewhere in the universe. I know there is no proof or evidence for the same but all the people who claim to have witnessed their arrival gave almost similar description of their appearance. All of them living in different areas of the world can't really have the same illusion. Thats what i rekon.
  • rosh009
    well,i am a staunch believer that aliens do exist in this universe.and i do believe in people who have witnessed it and recorded them in camera.
    according to me aliens do visit earth more than often but the problem is that we are not sophesticated enough to catch*our lack of knowledge in dimensions more than 4,*the conspiracy secrets is completely in the hands of usa,*our inability to crack the design and working of so-called ufo's and the list goes on.πŸ˜’
    i think its time for human beings to stand as a whole rather than standing in the name of usa and start co-ordinately working towards decoding the mystery behind aliens.and according to me DR.stephen hawking has a major role to play in this issue if we are to crack this issue!😁
  • deepali_berwal
    In my opinion aliens do exist..........they may not be made of the molecules from which we are formed.
  • anjaneai

    though i have nt seen any in real practice.but yes i strongly belive in there existence.

    note: i spent a major time of class 8 9 and 10 in researching about paranormal activities.ghosts spirits monsters angels ufos aliens loch ness and all prehistoric creatures and myths .i almost covered each section for details and evidences so for me its a cool topic to debate.

    i can go on and on for days typing about thanks ashima for bringing this up.

    if you want to discuss evidences i can surely come up with thousands but the thing is like its just like "perception" " you begin to see what in believe in life"
    so its actually not possible to convince who do not beileve in their existence!

    carry on!
  • anjaneai
    and haan please donot ask how much i managed in those classes πŸ˜‰
  • sauravgoswami
    recently alein eastablishment were spotted in dragon isalnd in pacific,they might exist as universe is very very vast,just that we didnt came into any confrontation.....million dollar question from my side is are they more intelligent than us,if yes then they can easily gain control over earth m sure they must much more ahead in politics too as they will be in sceince n tech,warfare and ammunitions
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Polls - Yes (10) & No (0) . So everyone believes aliens do exist! πŸ˜€
  • mechannikhil
    I think they exist.. But not not in the form as we imagine and hope..
    People on earth have 2 hands, eyes, legs, a heart as big as our fist, a nose positioned a the centre of our face, etc, etc., because thats what the conditions in earth demand.. And thats how humans have evolved from tiny bacteria..
    Life on other planets/asteroids, if exists, will almost definitely not have 2 eyes, ears hands etc.
    Life will be either still in the form of microbes living underwater and damp conditions OR evolved into a more complex organism which may be as dumb as sloth or even more active than a human..
    Since the universe is much older than our Earth, there are planets elsewhere which are as old as the universe itself.. Imagine the time bacteria got to evolve itself.
    Videos that show an alien that almost looks like a human (read 2 eyes etc...) sittin in a dark room and being interviewed and studied by us is fake according to me..
    As a band called Red Hot Chilli Peppers rightly sang, "Space may be the final frontier, but its made in a Hollywood basement"..
  • sauravgoswami
    8.5 is my poll ans
  • ankur8819
    I dont know the truth but my gut feeling says they do exist...neither have i seen any alien flying.nor any alien is my friend πŸ˜›!!!
    But something is there...We cant be alone..there must be some other galaxy may be some other universe where they reside!!!
  • mechannikhil
    9.99 according to me if you consider even a unicellular bacteria as an alien.
  • Itanium
    no... i would belive if would see any.
  • sauravgoswami
    Man,can anybody temme limits of universe????...aleins do exist in wat form that is difficult to ans!!!
  • radeeyjd
    c frnds earth is only one of the planet in the universe which supports life!!!!
    there are lot more planets in the univ where life is possible.
    As we are searching for the other frnds they are searchig for us there are many incidents said to be hapnd meeting with UFO. some may be true and others are of self imagination for bcomin polpular but in coclusion some time will come when we have to fight with them or.................
    so get ready for the future.................
  • vijayrock
    Earth is a just a part of solar system which in turn is a part of Milky way galaxy.Likewise there are many galaxies in the universe.There is a strong possibility for aliens to exist.Also we hear a lot about UFO.Even in mars,scientists now say there is water.

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