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Nandan Dharani
Nandan Dharani • Feb 9, 2016


Project Abstract / Summary : The Rapid Modernization and Urbanization has brought radical changes to the living standards of the people, especially those in the Metropolitan Cities. Right from the Software Professionals to the High-Profile Entrepreneurs, majority of them opt for Hotel Food, Fast Food as they would be too tired to cook by themselves. This has not only increased the prospect of the Junk Food Industry in India but also distanced people from the traditional Indian Healthy & Nutritious Home Food because of the complexity involved in cooking it.

The main aim of our project is to design an Automatic Cooking Machine, "Akshaya Pathra", which can cook Healthy & Tasty food, including Traditional Indian Dishes and can be extended to cook any other dish of the world, once programmed.

"Akshaya Pathra" eliminates the margin of error caused due to the Human-Intervention, thereby increasing the consistency in providing the taste required. By reducing Kitchen Mishaps and by increasing the consistency in taste, "Akshaya Pathra" becomes very handy in the Hotels, Households, Hospital Canteens, College Messes and Orphanages etc.

The Block diagram of Akshaya Pathra and the Flow-Chart can be seen in the following link

The Indian-Sider: Block Diagram of Akshaya Pathra

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Having Healthy and Delicious food is one of the basic Man's needs. But, because of many reasons we are not able to get the kind of food we need. This problem can be eliminated if Cooking Food can be Automated. And by automation, we cannot have a separate machine for each dish. So, we require a machine which can cook all types of foods.

This can be achieved by Block-Wise Prototyping and Development, wherein each block is designed for a set of dishes and then integrated to the core design.

On a large scale, the aim of this project is to develop an Automatic Kitchen which can cook any food dish including Indian, Italian and Chinese to name a few.

Project Highlights : The theme and the purpose of the project, both are unique. The project will have a large ground impact as it can be installed in a variety of places like College Messes, Hospitals, etc which can improve the Food Hygiene and can serve the Nutritious food to Millions of People.

Thus, Akshaya Pathra stands itself out from the rest of projects by concentrating on a real-world problem that hasn't been looked out and a methodology that hasn't been implemented.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: R.V.COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING
City: 08985900000
Participating Team From: Final Year

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