@Kaustubh Katdare • 26 Mar, 2013
Airtel VDSL service has been launched in Hyderabad city and is currently offering 40 Mbps plans starting at Rs. 3200 (Ultrasonic 3299) and Rs. 3999 (Ultrasonic 3999). VDSL stands for Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line and Airtel's service offers a speed upgrade from 16 Mbps it offered via standard DSL broadband. Airtel will have to rival with other high-speed broadband Internet providers in Hyderabad like Beam telecom. Hyderabadis will now enjoy smooth high definition video streams, multiplayer gaming and exceptional browsing and downloading experience, making us jealous beyond limits.


With the launch of this service, Airtel will become the first ISP in Hyderabad to offer VDSL service at 40 Mbps speeds. Unfortunately the 'Fair Usage Policy' aka FUP will apply on both the plans Airtel is offering. For Ultrasonic 3299 plan, the cap on downloads is 100 GB and for the Ultrasonic 3999 plan it's 200 GB. Post the FUP, the speed of the connection will drop to meagre 512Kbps. Refer to the following chart for the details.


Along with the launch Airtel has announced free VAS aka Value Added Services which include parallel ringing (you will never miss a call even when you are away from your regular fixed line phone), An anti-virus software called PC Secure, Ulimited gaming through games on demand service and LearnNext - which allows you to learn science, math and other subjects online.

Airtel subscribers who wish to opt for the new VDSL service may buy Beetel Wi-Fi modem for Rs. 3099. So that might be a concern for those who're looking to buy a new connection.

Our Opinion: The launch of new very-high speed broadband service from Internet is a welcome move and we'd expect Airtel to setup their infrastructure in more cities across India in coming days. This is not the first time Airtel has launched the service though. Back in 2010, the company had began offering 50 Mbps VDSL2 connection with data transfer limit of about 200GB, at price starting at Rs 8999/-.

Airtel will have to compete with rivals and pricing might play in favor of Airtel. BSNL FTTH, one of the high-speed fiber services which offers up to 100 Mbps connections directly to home and offices is pricier than what Airtel is offering. BSNL FTTH offers 2 Mbps unlimited (no FUP) for the price Airtel is offering 40 Mbps with FUP of 100 GB.

CEans from Hyderabad may share their review of the service through comments below.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 26 Mar, 2013 An important thing about VDSL - the connection speed drops exponentially as the distance of the connected computer increases. The regular speed VDSL can offer is about 250 Mbps and I learn that at just 0.5 Km from the exchange, it will drop to 100 Mbps and to 50 Mbps at about 1 Km.
@Anoop Kumar • 26 Mar, 2013 Airtel has to bring down tariff otherwise no will use them.
Local internet providers are already offering as low as 1100 for 15Mbps.
but 40Mbps and FUP is just 100GB☕, It will take only 8-10 hours to complete FUP.

Seeing such low tariffs in Hyderabad, I am thinking ,these companies are looting netizens in Delhi region where they still charging INR 1000+ for 1Mbps unlimited comparing to Hyderabad INR.500 for 1Mbps unlimited.
@lal • 26 Mar, 2013 Oh! That is a limiting factor. OFC doesn't have such a problem, right? That gives FTTH slightly an upper hand.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 26 Mar, 2013
Oh! That is a limiting factor. OFC doesn't have such a problem, right? That gives FTTH slightly an upper hand.
I've been using FTTH , 2 Mbps unilimited connection and I must say I'm impressed. The service is excellent and the download speeds are usually 190 KBps which is great and during off-peak hours; I'd even get 320 KBps as well.

I've heard a ton of great things about Beam Telecom in Hyderabad. How's the service?
@Abhishek Rawal • 26 Mar, 2013 FUP is so gay!
Thanks to BSNL,that they didn't implemented FUP in Night Unlimited(2 to 8) plan of BG FN 600.

I am quite happy with Night UL plan : 2 Mbps speed i.e. 256x(6x60x60)x(30)=158.20 GB.

Ultra Sonic or Super Sonic whateva it is,They all suck if FUP exists in plan.

@Abhishek Rawal • 26 Mar, 2013
Kaustubh Katdare
The service is excellent and the download speeds are usually 190 KBps which is great
That's weird !
I am using normal broadband & not some FOCs. I am getting constant of 240-270 KBps Download speed & 40-55 KBps Upload speed.
So how come FTTH is reliable ? (I agree upload & download speed are equal in FTTH)

I wanna know,How much do you pay per month Kaustubh Katdare ?
@Kaustubh Katdare • 26 Mar, 2013 Abhishek Rawal : The FTTH speed is limited by the plan you are using. I'm on 2 Mbps and getting speed 1.8-1.9 Mbps for downloads is normal, I think. I have used the 4 Mbps plan from BSNL as well; but it wasn't very reliable.
@Anoop Kumar • 26 Mar, 2013
I've heard a ton of great things about Beam Telecom in Hyderabad. How's the service?
Beam is fine unless there is any problem with connection. Though it happens once in 3-4 months but they make customers so frustrating that you have switch to another service provider.
There was major problem I got in Dec-2012 which was resolved in 5 days because of some main line problem. but when ever I call to customer care they tell me that in few hour problem will be resolved or in next 1 hour beam officer will call me but never tell about the exact problem.

That's quite frustrating, That's the reason I switched to another local operator Reach Broadband, so that if problem happen I can get it resolved quickly or can go to near by office to clarify about the problem. I am currently using 15Mbps (30Gb FUP) but last month their system forgot to cap my speed to 2Mbps after FUP and I used 80Gb in 2 days 😁

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