• Nayan

    MemberJan 29, 2014

    AirMouse - Sci-Fi comes real

    While working on our PC due to constant use of mouse our hand pains n it can cause d muscles to get injured. So here a solution for that
    "AIR MOUSE" A mouse that fits like a glove.
    It utilizes an optical laser and has battery life of a week. It works by aligning with the ligaments of the hand and wrist and is designed to remain inactive until your hand is placed in a neutral, flat position, so you can easily go back and forth between typing and mousing. This mouse’s optical tracking laser and the left and right mouse click buttons are positioned in the palm of our hands and adjacent to our fingertips leaving them exposed so we can use the AirMouse without removing it from our hands.

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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran

    MemberJan 29, 2014

    Its nice to see this kind of innovatiions and hope battery life would increase in future
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