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Air conditioner and Refrigerator

What is the difference between air conditioner and refrigerator ?
dineshreddy333 • Nov 20, 2015
both are similar in many aspects. but the circulation systems are different. acs project them throughtout where as they are confined in arefridgerator
Both are heat pumps. They move heat from a cold zone to a hotter one. The refrigerants used are suited to the temperatures involved.
sir what is the difference between heat pump and refrigerator ?
Just like a water pump moves water from a lower level to a higher, a heat pump moves heat from a lower temperature to a higher temperature, which is what happens in a refrigerator. However, in this case the interest is in the cold space inside and the need to keep it that way. In other cases such as heating a cold space in very cold places like the Arctic zone a heat pump is used to remove heat from the out side cold area and deliver it into the warmer room to continue keeping it warm. One must understand that a heat pump does not generate heat but only moves it. So, for a given power much more heat can be moved than created by a heater.
For comparison a 1 ton ac moves about 3300 KCals/hour for a power expenditure of about 1.3 KW against nearly 4KW for a heater to generate the same heat.

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