Snehal Gugale
Snehal Gugale
Computer Science
15 Jun 2018

AI and machine learning project for BE students


I'm a BE COMP student eager to make project in AI or Machine learning domain . Will u tell latest topics & how do we implement projects like face recognition or computer blind person vision projects?

Skills:Languages worked on C,Cpp,JAVA

& Html,css,php,etc.

15 Jun 2018

Face recognition is easier with Amazon AWS Rekognition system, and it should be an interesting project for you to consider. 

Rekognition system can identify objts, people, text, scenes and even activities from the sample photos or videos that you provide to it. 

Instead of building your own system, think about how can you implement it in some real-life scenario. 

15 Jun 2018

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I was thinking of AI or machine learning projects in smart cities.what topic v could choose & how v can implement machine learning projects?

What about computer vision projects?

Please guide over above topics

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