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AeroGRID Has Italian Office

Question asked by RealWire in #Coffee Room on May 28, 2009
RealWire · May 28, 2009
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Paris, 28th May 2009 - AeroGRID, the aerial imagery consortium, has new offices in the city of Padua, Northern Italy. As well as providing AeroGRID’s main sales outlet for Italy it will also be the base for planning and managing image capture projects in the Italian peninsula. AeroGRID now has a presence in Europe’s four largest economies as well as Benelux.
Italy has a diversified industrial economy dominated by private companies, largely located in the developed industrial north. It has a thriving AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) sector as well as worldwide mining, mineral and hydrocarbon exploration interests. AeroGRID’s Padua office is thus ideally situated to service the needs of this diverse and vibrant community.

AeroGRID partners operate 10 different survey aircraft and high-resolution digital cameras. Partners sell AeroGRID data within their own markets but all imagery is made available for purchase online. AeroGRID partners contribute aerial imagery data, and co-ordinate flying resources to their mutual benefit. New partners are welcome to join in order to extend coverage both in and beyond Europe to build the world’s largest commercial aerial imagery dataset.

“Having an office in Italy enables us to address the growing interest in AeroGRID data from the large engineering, petroleum and mining community in Italy, which has interests worldwide,” said Miles Taylor, AeroGRID’s General Manager. “Our wide reach and international partnerships remove much of the inconvenience for companies needing to source aerial imagery from abroad. Having an operational base in Italy also makes sense from a data acquisition point of view ,” continued Taylor. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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