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Aerofex Hover Bike Turns Science Fiction Into Reality [Video]

Question asked by Smeechi Mittal in #Coffee Room on Aug 23, 2012
Smeechi Mittal
Smeechi Mittal · Aug 23, 2012
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The hover bikes seen in science fiction movies are a reality now. And to credit for it we have Aerofex - a California-based firm that built a hover bike, concept of which originated about 50 years back but was discarded due to balance and rollover issues. The company has overcome all the problems by adding control bars (at knee level) that enables the pilot to maintain balance by his leaning movements. The vehicle is completely mechanical and does not include any traces of artificial intelligence or any complex engineering logic. Hence, one wouldn't require any strong technical skills to ride it, learn it like a normal vehicle - balance and control!


The Bike can reach a height of upto 15 feet and has maximum speed of 30mph - this not so good specification is just to ensure pilot's safety. You can be hopeful that the abilities of bike are improved before it gets commercialized. Check out the amazing hover bike lifting up the ground :

Via Tech2 Posted in: #Coffee Room

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