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Advanced Virtual Fencing and control system for Animals

Question asked by Vidya Kumari M in #Coffee Room on Jan 19, 2016
Vidya Kumari M
Vidya Kumari M · Jan 19, 2016
Project Abstract / Summary : The main objective of our Project is to create a Virtual Fence in order to restrict the animals within the boundary So that it eliminates the need of large manpower for herding with the help of technological advancements. Also the dynamic nature of the fence allows it to be moved from one point to another unlike the conventional fences which are static. Safety of cattle is ensured where the pastures are of a large area and near territorial boundaries.

Animals graze over large areas of pastures separated by fences. Often they are shifted to other pastures in order to avoid overgrazing at one location. This activity requires a lot of man power so there is a need for a revolution using technology, communication and automation. Large sums of money and time is spent by farmers on maintenance and building of these fences. Harsh climatic conditions also pose a problem for herding.
Construction of a real physical fence is too expensive and due to large and variable areas of grass lands, it is difficult too. In order to overcome these shortcomings of traditional ways, we design a Virtual Fence in order to control and manage animals. This is done using GSM Modem. we develop virtual fences using sensor networks and Injection control system. With the help of GPS localization, wireless networking and motion sensing a virtual fence can be achieved.

In this we will store the required vaccine in the belt and monitoring will be done using GPS and Microcontroller. Whenever the animal crosses the boundary the message will be sent using GSM.

The instruction to inject the vaccine will be sent from the control system and the vaccine is injected to the animals body using Servomotor technique.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Animal Husbandry has become an important source of income for millions of rural families and has taken an important role in providing employment and income generating opportunity.

Managing this immense number of animals is not an easy task. Often herds of cattle cross boundaries, lose direction and encroach into restricted areas. Also overgrazing is causing a serious problem of soil erosion.
so our proposed system reduces the the time and money spent by the farmers.
In Future the size of the kit can be reduced to embedded chip and made easy for usage. It can be used in boarder alerting system for military, marine surveying and land surveying.

Project Highlights : It has the following Advantages:
Can Save the animals.
Avoid wild animals entering public places.
3 level of alert and controlling system.
Real time monitoring Animal activities
Also it can be applied in Forest Areas,National Parks And Animal Husbandry.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Alva's Institute of Engineering and Technology
City: moodbiri
State: karnataka
Participating Team From: Final Year Posted in: #Coffee Room

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