• With more advanced electronic control design tools available in the industry, technology has attained greater heights in the field of electronic engineering. One of the latest devices unveiled recently in the automobile field is the next-generation integrated electronic control panel (IECP) which rolls key interior controls, highly developed vehicle network architectures, and telematics into a sole, suitable panel as a part of the vehicle's parts situated in the middle section. With the human-machine interface so advanced, the customer benefits with enhanced safety features and an improved cabin which encloses the panel. Personal communication gadgets like cell phones have turned into virtual command centers thanks to the technological advancements in the field of electronic control design.

    These advanced control systems have now made it possible for people to interact with devices more efficiently and as the devices are designed keeping in mind the future, they will be flexible to meet the changes in the electronic design field that are to take place in the coming years. The technology plays a crucial role in applications such as capacitive touch sensor technology similar to that used in laptops, touch pads, touch-screen displays, proximity sensing, and even the possibility of gesture recognition and advanced vision technology to assist in controlling vehicle functions.

    In vehicles, the technology acts as an external device interface and provides both direct and wireless connections including Bluetooth(R)(1) interface. It also supports most traveling devices including cell phones, MP3 players, Radio, Broadband internet access, and navigation devices like GPS. With more integrated controls, the driver can focus more on driving and won’t be distracted thereby enhancing the safety.
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