Advance Reservation in Gridsim

how can i use Advance reservation in Gridsim to execute a single job that requires multiple resources.


  • Rupam Das
    Rupam Das
    You can. Single job may have different threads. Once or more threads may need to access or share different resources. Hence in parallelism, thread priority can be assigned and resource reservation is supported. Look closely in GridSim Example directory, you will also find a suitable example of this.
  • Animesh Kuity
    Animesh Kuity
    Thanks for your reply.
    There is no suitable example for that situation.
    First I want to know whether two resources are willing to execute that single job or not. If they will,then I will submit that job. All have to be done using Advance reservation.Actually I want negotiation between two resources to execute that job.

    Is it possible? How? please give me details.

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