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che2008 • Aug 19, 2007


Im at your new age.Hey!!I am really confusing why i cant activate my frienster site. My school Asministrator has restricted it using Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Any one in the world can help me to activate it.???Please give me the trick..tnx
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 19, 2007
Basically you are looking for a hack that will allow you to access Friendster from your school network. Probably that's not a good thing to do 😀

Try using proxy websites. There are many other solutions which I'd not discuss.

-The Big K-
p.s: Post your question only once in a single thread. No point in posting the same question in different locations. Also, we do not promote any illegal activities on CE. 😀
In an organisation, you can probably just ask the company's IT admin to allow access to a site, provided its not harmful. There might be reasons why they would not allow it, though.. maybe because of productiviy issues *ahem* But anyone would want to hack through the network firewalls from the inside should realise that this would breach the organization's security, allowing hackers from OUTSIDE gaining access with ease.

Thus, other methods should not be discussed, since they can lead to serious security issues. If you really MUST use Friendster, then Big K's suggestion of using a proxy, maybe a cgi one. Try asking your computer admin.. be in his good side. Treat him out for lunch or something 😉 Or just check Friendster at home.

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